Innovative new card game captures the imagination of the country, expands retail distribution, just in time for the holidays

Media contact: Rich Koehler at info@cool-studio.net.

(Seattle - October 29, 2002) - Inspiring a frenzy worthy of the dot-com rush it satirizes, Burn Rate™, the new card game from independent game maker Cool Studio, is taking the country by storm.

Since its limited initial release in May 2002, Burn Rate has been enthusiastically embraced by consumers and retailers alike. The game has captured the imagination of everyone from recovering dot-com victims and venture capitalists, to academics, game lovers and people curious about what went wrong at those dot-coms that sent the nation into its economic tailspin.

Burn Rate is now available on the shelves of major retailers, coffee houses and independent game sellers across the U.S. and Canada, including Wizards of the Coast and Game Keeper stores in 21 states, select west coast Tully's Coffee locations, select Borders bookstores, and Indigo Books & Music locations throughout Canada. Burn Rate is also available directly from Cool Studio online at www.burnrategame.com.

“As the first major chain to stock Burn Rate, it's been a hit in our stores since the start,” says Freddi Scott, director of marketing for Wizards of the Coast. “Not only does it capture the humor of the boom and bust of the dot-coms, but players find it very enjoyable and challenging because it's different every time.”

Burn Rate is the brainchild of Rich Koehler, a former dot-com employee. A self-professed game fanatic, Koehler developed the game in the winter of 2001 when he found himself one of the many casualties of Seattle-area start-ups at the height of dot-bomb busts. Koehler likens the game to Monopoly®, the best-selling board game of all time, which was created by an unemployed man during the Depression and reflected the economic conditions of its time. “With Burn Rate,” he says, “I think we've struck a similar nerve, especially with the lay-off card.”

In Burn Rate, the players are CEOs of their own unprofitable start-up company and must play cards to manage their company as best they can. The objective of the game is simple be the last player to run out of money. The game is humorous and fun as players struggle to devise strategies to save companies rife with bad ideas, expensive contractors and incompetent vice presidents.

“The response to Burn Rate has been tremendous,” adds Koehler, who also serves as president of Cool Studio. “We're in a particularly exciting period as we gear up for the holiday season, expand our retail distribution, and gauge what the next six to 12 months will bring us in terms of further success.”

About Burn Rate

Owned and marketed by Cool Studio, LLC, of Seattle, Burn Rate, the dot-com card game, is an original game created by former dot-com insider and software engineer Rich Koehler. First launched in May of 2002, Burn Rate has been received by mainstream consumers and gamers alike as a fun and strategic game that parodies the dot-com demise. Burn Rate is suitable for teens and adults and takes 30 to 45 minutes to play. Two to four players play the game and act as CEOs of their own dot-com startup. By acquiring funding, hiring and firing employees, and trying to avoid more than 20 notorious dot-com flops they seek to be the last company to run out of money.

Pricing and Availability

Burn Rate retails for US$16.00 and is available in the United States at Tully's Coffee, Wizards of the Coast, select Borders bookstores, and independent retailers, and in Canada at select Indigo Books & Music stores. For fans who want to create their own bad ideas, blank Burn Rate cards are now available for sale online for US$4.95. For more information about Burn Rate, visit www.burnrategame.com.

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