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Listen to the radio feature on National Public Radio (NPR). (Starts at 10 minutes into the show):
"It's Monopoly... in reverse!"

Read all about it in the Seattle Times.
"Dot-com layoff all part of the game."

Covered by the evening news on KOMO TV 4, Seattle's ABC station:
"The players are CEOs and they can make bad decisions just like they do in the real world."

From the front page article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
"People are slapping the table and laughing their heads off when they are playing the game..."
   - Duncan Huffman, owner of Coyote Games of Redmond

Read a game review by the good people at Looney Labs:
"...the game itself plays well enough to be enjoyable for years to come."

Find out why Burn Rate can satisfy your unemployment rage, according to Telephony.

Here's what real people are saying about Burn Rate™:

"Great game. I bought it a few days ago... My wife is the only person I have to play games with, and she usually balks at the idea...However, once she played Burn Rate, she really enjoyed it, as do I. Great job on the game, guys!."
   - Erskine T.

"Congrats, you have created a very good game. Having survived a few dot coms myself I find it really enjoyable and surprisingly accurate."
   - Eric H.

"I want to congratulate you guys on putting out such a fun game. Just got it and it's a hoot. I also want to commend you on the packaging. ... Well done."
   - Joe G.

"I worked at xxxxx.com and I think that not only should I purchase your game but that I should send a few to some select execs there... no, thank YOU."
   - Cathy G.

Here was the news in Japanese, at shikencho.com:

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